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The Top 10 Parenting Tips For Great Children

I am introducing the 10 Parenting Tips that can become your blueprint to family success. Focus on these 10 parenting tips and you will propel your children to their places of greatness. That's a pretty bold statement to make, but we stand behind it.

So let's do a little math here. Ten tips at 2 minutes each equals 20 minutes to the best children and the wisest parents in the world. Not so fast, algebra-breath.

You can, however, make real progress towards these 2 goals by using these parenting tips as a blueprint. Commit to 2 minutes a day on each of these tips until you have a plan that fits your family. Successful children and wise parenting will not happen by magic. It can and WILL happen through your commitment and wise strategies.

These tips are designed to get you:

A) Thinking about parenting in a new way, and

B) To do a little planning ahead.

OK, here they are. Each tip will beckon you to create a simple action plan to work on. And keep coming back to this list to check on your progress. Please be patient with yourself ans you devote 2 minutes a day, using your personal planner to jot down thoughts on how to grow in each of these areas.

The Top 10 Tips for Parents related to success for your family are:

1) Marital unity and family togetherness,

2) The value of faith and morals,

3) Showering one another with encouragement,

4) Discipline with calmness,

5) Living a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise,

6) Parental responsibility for education,

7) Protecting your family from negative influences,

8) Preparation for careers and finances,

9) Friendships and dating guidelines,

10) Discovering destinies and roles for your children.

Take your time with each one of these tips until you feel comfortable putting each of them into practice.

Rabu, 30 Agustus 2017

Finding Parenting Tips That Coincide With Your Values

Parenting tips can come from a variety of places however it is important to make sure that those giving the tips hold your same values. Looking around you'll see that more and more children seem to be out of control. You have record numbers of acts of violence in schools and some of the most disrespectful generation of children ever seen. Many parents are at their wits end and trying to find good parenting advice and there are many places to find this advice you just need to make sure that the advice you are getting actually works within your family.

The Best Place to Start

One of the best places to get some good sound tips about parenting is from your own parents. Seriously, they raised you didn't they, and you turned out fine didn't you? You may be surprised at what a wealth of knowledge you can gain for asking your parent/s for their input on the situation. They will not only have a different perspective but they have also had the experience of raising a child from birth to adulthood. The most important thing about getting advice from your parent/s is to be completely honest about the situation you are having trouble with. Remember they love you and their grandchild so there is no reason to sugar-coat the situation.

The other positive to going to your parents is you already know how they believe. You know the traits that they find to be important for raising a successful adult. For example, you know how they feel about spanking a child. So if they are pro-spanking then you will understand where there advice is coming from. This is important as many times the tips you may receive from others will not coincide with how you believe.

Things to Look For When Accepting Tips on Parenting

You can find a countless amounts of articles, magazines and books all geared toward giving parents advice. You really need to watch the agenda of what the person giving the advice is. For example if the article you are reading is written by a person that advocates children being able to divorce their parents you may want to take that advice with a grain of salt. This person will not have your child's best interest at heart, they are just attempting to push and further their personal agenda.

Something else you should keep in mind when looking for parenting tips is your child is unique so the advice you are receiving will be general advice, not advice directed towards your child. An example of this is if your child is very shy and you just read an article about how children should be encouraged to socialize. You may need to customize the steps that they advised you to do so that your child is not overwhelmed at the idea of meeting new people.

All parents need a little help every once in a while and finding a good source for advice is important. Make sure that the advice you receive is advice that actually works with you and your family's value system. Remember, the parenting tips you receive may need to be customized to fit your child's personality.

Rabu, 16 Agustus 2017

Positive Parenting Tips - 3 Ideas You Can Use Today to Make an Immediate Difference With Your Kids

Are you looking for positive parenting tips? Would you like to learn more positive parenting techniques and ideas for how to change your kids' behavior? As parents of two great teenage daughters, we remember the struggles and frustrations we faced when our kids were younger.

When our kids were still infants, we began the search for positive parenting tips, positive parenting techniques, and behavior modification techniques for children that would help us to raise happy, healthy, respectful kids.

We have worked hard to parent in a way that both teaches our children how to behave appropriately and preserves our relationship with them. We have always wanted more than just "good kids." We want kids who will become well-adjusted adults that are our friends.

Along the way, we have made lots of mistakes, and we have learned many lessons. We are not psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, or licensed counselors. We are just parents on the journey of raising our kids to the best of our ability.

So far, things have gone great. We never experienced the "terrible twos." We have never encountered a behavior or relationship blow-up that could not be quickly fixed. We have enjoyed watching our kids become happy, well-adjusted teenagers who:

* Are not embarrassed to be seen with us in public,
* Still enjoy lounging with us on the couch, and
* Asked us to be their friends on Facebook (we count this as a major victory!).

We believe that we have avoided many common parenting traps because we started using sound communication, leadership, conflict resolution, and behavior management approaches early in our kids lives. In this article, we offer three positive parenting tips that have made a big difference for us.

Positive Parenting Tip #1 - Talk about what you want rather than what you don't want.

We find that talking about what you don't want is pretty easy to do, and that we often slip into this bad habit.

For example, we tend to gravitate to statements like:

* Don't spill that milk!
* Don't leave your shoes on the floor.
* Don't forget to do your homework.
* Don't speak to me that way!
* Don't slam the door!

When these statements get much better results:

* Please be careful with that glass.
* Put your shoes in the closet, please.
* Remember to do your homework.
* I would appreciate it if you would watch your tone when you speak to me.
* Please close the door rather than slam it.

Positive Parenting Tip #2 - Replace "but" with "and."

How would it sound to you If your supervisor came to you and said something like this: "We really like what you have done this year, but..."

You would probably forget the first part of the statement and focus on the last part (which is probably negative).

Well, your kids are the same.

Rather than say "You've done a great job with vacuuming the carpet, but you missed this spot." Try this: "You've done a great job vacuuming the carpet, and there's one little spot over here that needs some more attention."

"But" negates everything before it, and it usually precedes a critical or negative comment. "And" ties two thoughts together without the negative connotation.

Positive Parenting Tip #3 - Name the behavior don't label the child.

We suggest that you work especially hard at applying this positive parenting tip. Saying things like: "you're such a good boy" or "you have been a bad girl" are quick and easy. Frankly, they are lazy speech patterns.

What does a "good boy" or a "bad girl" look like? How do they act?

Rather than use labels like those above, speak about specific behaviors. For example:

* You have done a great job picking up all of your toys!
* Wow! I notice that you put your shoes away without being asked. I really appreciate that.
* Thank you for washing the car this afternoon. That really helps me out.
* The yard looks fantastic. You really put some effort into raking it, didn't you?
* I notice that you got straight A's on your report card. You can be proud of the work that went into that report card.

Work to apply these positive parenting tips, and you can expect to achieve great results with your kids!

With his wife Sandra, Guy Harris co-created a positive parenting program called The Behavior Bucks System. Guy and Sandra Harris are both Human Behavioral Consultants and parents.

In The Behavior Bucks System they share what they have learned from both research and practical experience. This system:
* Provides positive parenting tips,
* Applies positive parenting techniques,
* Implements sound behavior modification techniques,
* Addresses child behavior management and control, and
* Teaches how to change your kid's behavior.

The Behavior Bucks System provides a systematic method for addressing complex behavioral issues in a simple and straight forward way.
This system comes complete with everything you need to create a powerful positive parenting program in your home.

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Positive Parenting Tips to Develop Your Children to Their Full Potential

Generally most of the parents want to raise healthy and smart kids. Parents will be having some planning on how to bring the children before they are born. The following positive parenting tips will help you make sure that your children grow to their maximum potential.

I found a good parenting tip that works best is the quality time you are willing to spend with your children. While spending your time bring your children into interesting and useful conversations. It is necessary to build good relationship with full of fun and healthy talk with your children right from the childhood.

When you inculcate the habit of talking with your children from childhood will help a long way in creating attachment with your children. Without doing this, if you try to talk with them when they become teen, the receiving will not be there anymore. Try to become an above average parent for you to be successful. As per a survey, an average American parent is allotting very less time ie. About a 20 minutes a week in meaningful conversation with their children.

Being a parent, first you have to practice or inculcate good habits, in order your children to follow. Slowly inject your ideas and good habits into your children brain and ensure to follow them. Parents know the importance of charity and helping the deprived, but they neglect when it comes to implementing. If you practically do some charity and tell your children to visit a nursing home or serve the aged people, they are more likely to follow the same principles..

As i said above, you have to be a role model. Try not to teach your children the habits which you do not practice. Suppose your children here you lying some matter, them imagine what kind of effect it will give to your children. It is natural tendency of the children to learn the habits from parents whether they are good or bad.

You have to follow involved style of parenting. That is parents who watch their kids day to day activities whether they are able to learn properly in school and are mingling with their friends etc. You should maintain a good communication with your kids. The more you show interest in your child's life, the better the probability of bringing them to be a respectful citizens. You should have a good relationship with your spouse and have healthy married life. Which is important not only for you and also for your children. A healthy family life style is crucial for pro-social behaviour.

There is no doubt that raising the children by both the parents is difficult, so imagine how a single parent can contribute to child's development. According to a research, one and half year after a divorce, many kids have shown poor concentration and their intelligence dropped and have trouble in solving mathematics. Realise your responsibility of being together in raising your children..

Be in touch with other parents so that you get some guidance and inspiration from them and you may also learn positive parenting tips which you don't know. It is worth maintaining rapport with other parents as you can share your feelings and struggle with one another and continue to bring the best things in your life.

Sabtu, 15 Juli 2017

Positive Parenting Tips, What You May Not Be Considering!

Positive parenting tips are just about every where you look these days. Many articles are written with their hooks that are designed to grab your attention. However, of all the tips to consider, and there are many, there is one that stands out head and shoulders above the rest. Read along to find out why, though many tips are useful, they may not stand a chance if this one tip is not followed!

There are certainly dozens of parenting tips and techniques that are useful, and in their own right, have their merits. Things like; make sure your child knows that they are loved and cared for beyond a shadow of a doubt, is a wonderful parenting ideal or technique. There is no doubt that this is a very worthy goal to strive for. However, there is still a positive parenting tip that is way more important to practice.

The point is that, without following this, many of your lofty ideals may fall by the wayside. Without knowing to not do certain things, any gains you make as a parent may very well be negated!

Enough of the suspense. The number one tip to follow as a parent has to do with your child's fear and stress levels. If you put them in situations where they are fearful, their stress levels will, no doubt, increase also. When this happens, they have very little control over what they will say and do. Especially when they are young! They may initially shut down and behave as you wish, but, they will soon have no choice but to act out. There are two important points to make about this!

The first point is that the reason a child will act out when they are fearful has to do with something called cortisol. When fear rises, so does the level of cortisol in the body. This then goes to the brain and causes them to become dis-oriented. This is why you truly need to follow up this knowledge with the desire to learn lots of new positive parenting tips that will enable you to have the utmost patience and tolerance when dealing with your children!

The second, and equally important point, is that there are long term effects to increased cortisol emission into the brain. These effects include possible teenage delinquency, and sociopathic tendencies. This makes what you do from here on, very important.

You see, there are some obvious ways that you may increase fear in your children. This would include:

    Yelling and screaming at them
    Intimidating them
    Emotionally or physically abusing them
    Punishing them

These are some obvious things. However, there is one that might not be so obvious. When you offer them rewards for doing something, they may fear not being able to complete whatever task is being asked of them.

This new information should hopefully open up your eyes to some of the reasons why your current parenting techniques may not be so effective. If you decide that it's time to stop this cycle, then you certainly will have to learn some positive parenting tips to help you be the best parent you can be!

Kamis, 29 Juni 2017

Top 7 Parenting Tips for Good Parenting - Bring Out the Best in You and Your Kids!

Even though we need a license to do many things in life -- everything from driving and operating a forklift to practicing medicine and fishing -- there is no license required to become a parent and this is often the trickiest of all of the above activities!

Parenting today is far more difficult than it was, even a generation ago. Many well-intentioned parents are using outdated and ineffective parenting styles. As a result, they experience daily frustration and stress in their home.

Below you will find my top 7 tips for good parenting. These tips inspire children to want to be well behaved, can reduce family fights and boost family joy.

Good Parenting Tip #1 - If you love your kids--put yourself first!

One of the best things we can do for our children is to give them a foundation for becoming a happy and healthy adult. Self-care should not be a luxury for parents--it needs to become a necessity. You need self-care both for being a good parent and a healthy and balanced human being. Far too many children are living with parents who are stressed out and frankly, not at all fun to be around. If you are repeatedly burning the midnight oil, you may be on the brink of parent burnout--not a pleasant thing for you or your family to experience.

Good Parenting Tip #2 - If married--put your marriage before your kids!

Most of us have heard of Generation X and Generation Y. But did you realize that Generation S--Generation Spoiled--is on the rise? Many children today are raised with an unhealthy sense of entitlement because their parents have made them the center of the universe. With divorce statistics still hovering around 50%, children are far too often coping with unhappy, failing marriages and divorce- much worse for them than missing out on a couple of toys or brand name jeans. Take a stand and put some time into your marriage (like go on a date night)--for your whole family's sake!

Good Parenting Tip #3 - Cherish your children

No matter what your situation--no matter how often your children drive you crazy--know there are thousands of people in this world who would gladly trade places with you. There are couples who would give anything to just have a child. Strive to remember how truly fortunate you are. Hug your children at least three times a day. Regularly tell them how grateful you are to have the opportunity to be their parent.

Good Parenting Tip #4 - Teach your kids to fish--don't fish for them!

Many parents do everything for their kids. This only robs their children of the opportunity to learn self-reliance--which is vital to building their self-esteem. One of the best things you can do is to help your kids learn how to do things for themselves. One of the chapters of my first book on effective parenting is called "How To Get Your Kids Doing Their Chores Smiling". Some parents think I am from another planet when I even suggest that kids can learn to do chores with a smile on their face. These same doubting parents are often happily surprised when they see it is possible--in their own home and in this century! Household chores teach basic life skills everyone needs to know. Also, chores give children the opportunity to contribute to the household in a positive and meaningful way.

Good Parenting Tip #5 - Focus on what you like, not on what you don't

If children aren't being appreciated and aren't getting attention for what they do well--and when they behave well--you better believe they will learn to get attention for not behaving well. The more you notice what you like about what they're doing, the less likely they are to morph into destructive little terrors and the more likely you will inspire your child to repeat the good behaviors and achievements you love.

Good Parenting Tip #6 - Give respect and expect it in return

Don't do anything to your child that you wouldn't want your child to do to you. The list of things you don't want to be doing includes: yelling, hitting, spitting, and put downs. There are far better ways for you to handle conflict, stress and common misbehaviors. Commit to learning these "Ultimate Parenting" tools that are based on mutual respect--not fear based punishment that only teaches our kids to not get caught next time!

Good Parenting Tip #7 - A family that plays together stays together!

Have fun--play with your kids. Laughing, tickling, and enjoying one another's company is the foundation of a happy home. Having fun can go a long way towards preventing much of the needless conflict and behaviors that drive you crazy. It also provides your family with much needed quality time.

These seven effective parenting tips above are child-proofed, effective and fun. By taking the time to learn how to bring out the best in you and in your children, you will reap the rewards that come from the peace of mind--knowing that you did all you could to support and nurture a happy and healthy family life.