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Positive Parenting Tips, What You May Not Be Considering!

Positive parenting tips are just about every where you look these days. Many articles are written with their hooks that are designed to grab your attention. However, of all the tips to consider, and there are many, there is one that stands out head and shoulders above the rest. Read along to find out why, though many tips are useful, they may not stand a chance if this one tip is not followed!

There are certainly dozens of parenting tips and techniques that are useful, and in their own right, have their merits. Things like; make sure your child knows that they are loved and cared for beyond a shadow of a doubt, is a wonderful parenting ideal or technique. There is no doubt that this is a very worthy goal to strive for. However, there is still a positive parenting tip that is way more important to practice.

The point is that, without following this, many of your lofty ideals may fall by the wayside. Without knowing to not do certain things, any gains you make as a parent may very well be negated!

Enough of the suspense. The number one tip to follow as a parent has to do with your child's fear and stress levels. If you put them in situations where they are fearful, their stress levels will, no doubt, increase also. When this happens, they have very little control over what they will say and do. Especially when they are young! They may initially shut down and behave as you wish, but, they will soon have no choice but to act out. There are two important points to make about this!

The first point is that the reason a child will act out when they are fearful has to do with something called cortisol. When fear rises, so does the level of cortisol in the body. This then goes to the brain and causes them to become dis-oriented. This is why you truly need to follow up this knowledge with the desire to learn lots of new positive parenting tips that will enable you to have the utmost patience and tolerance when dealing with your children!

The second, and equally important point, is that there are long term effects to increased cortisol emission into the brain. These effects include possible teenage delinquency, and sociopathic tendencies. This makes what you do from here on, very important.

You see, there are some obvious ways that you may increase fear in your children. This would include:

    Yelling and screaming at them
    Intimidating them
    Emotionally or physically abusing them
    Punishing them

These are some obvious things. However, there is one that might not be so obvious. When you offer them rewards for doing something, they may fear not being able to complete whatever task is being asked of them.

This new information should hopefully open up your eyes to some of the reasons why your current parenting techniques may not be so effective. If you decide that it's time to stop this cycle, then you certainly will have to learn some positive parenting tips to help you be the best parent you can be!

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