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10 Parenting Tips - Things You Shouldn't Say to Your Children

Do you use phrases that edify and encourage your children?

Sometimes we don't say things that edify or encourage our children.

Avoid using these ten parenting tip phrases to your children and you will starting on the road to raising more positive and self-confident children.

1 Just because I say so is not a good reason. Try to avoid using these words to your child.

Parenting tip

always have a reason why your child should or shouldn't do something.

2. If only you could be more like your brother/sister. Each child is an individual and should be respected and treated as such.

Parenting tip

making a child feel inferior is not good for them and inflict pain that can last a life time.

3. "It doesn't matter what others think" To your child what others think may be important and just to dismiss those feelings can be insensitive.

Parenting tip

It's important that you start from birth to build your child's self-esteem so they themselves don't worry about what others think as they are confident in their own .

4 "Mummy & Daddy had sex last night." This will embarrass your child and there shouldn't be any reason for them to be given details this personal about their parents.

5 "Pull yourself together" This is really a silly comment if you take it literally.

Parenting tip

If your child is feeling sad about something then he needs to be able to express this in a constructive manner within a loving family. If it's anger then he needs to learn how to manage it and this expression will not encourage him to do this.

6 "I was too busy to come and see you" What is this saying to your child?

Parenting tip.

It's telling your child that something you're doing is more important to you than they are. Many adults carry wounds inflicted by parents who promised to do something and then never followed through.

7 "Sticks and stones will break your bones but names will never hurt you" This is incorrect. as names children are called or labels they are given can effect them for life.

Parenting tips.

Often names hurt more than other forms of bullying make sure you appreciate how your child will be affected by names they are called and don't let this affect your child for life. It can.

8 "Wait until your father/mother gets home" This usually relates to discipline and any disciplining should be done as soon after the misbehavior as possible.

Parenting Tip

A child should not have punishment hung over their head all day.

9 "I won't make that mistake again" This is unlikely to happen and even if you don't make this particular mistake you will make another one.

Parenting Tip

"Let's try and learn from the mistakes we make and teach our children how to do this too.

10 "You can't possibly do that/ succeed at that." Parents need to encourage their children to anything they want to be.

Parenting Tip

Help your child to succeed in whatever they try and don't discourage them from even trying.

Now you know what not to say to your children think about what you should say.

Extra parenting tip Make sure you aren't too busy to enjoy your children.

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